Who we are
Drill Films is a wildlife documentary production company focusing on hard to film species found deep in their natural habitat.

Starting with our first film on the Bioko Island drill monkey, we have been working in the jungles of West/Central over the last seven years living in the wild and honing our skills.  By using unconventional logistics and fieldcraft methods, old and new, we are able to travel deep into unforgiving terrain in order to film some of the world’s most elusive species.

The story only starts by getting there.  Capturing unique behavior with an eye for immersive story telling takes just as much patience as it does sweat.  By deploying a wide array of filming techniques, Drill Films hopes to bring new and exciting stories to a global audience in order to raise awareness for our planet’s incredible biodiversity.

From getting a crew to a remote region of a foreign country to operating today's latest UHD cameras we specialize in wildlife and natural history film making.
The story always comes together in the edit. We offer all post-production needs from editing and color correction to foley and sound mixing.
Just like our filming, we can get to where most will not. Specializing in wildlife photography we are also able for any photo assignment. Ask to see our portfolio.
Equipment Hire
From cameras and tripods to drones and dollies, our gear is for rent when we aren't using it. Gear list coming soon or contact us directly.
We specialize in West/Central Africa and are able to act as fixers for any project in the region. Our network is vast and our bags are packed.
What is a good story without good writing. From research to voice overs we offer all writing needs.
Our films
  • Here in the lowcountry we share our coast with an amazing animal that is older than the dinosaurs. In part 1 of our 2 part series we interview Charlotte Hope of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources about the loggerhead sea turtles. Stay tuned for part II where we...
  • The South Carolina Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital rescues sick and injured sea turtles from the lowcountry's coast. While under the care of dedicated volunteers and experienced veterinarians these endangered species act as ambassadors between our two species reminding us of our impact and responsibility to the environment we all call...
  • Released in 2012 for the people of Equatorial Guinea, "El Proyecto del Mono Dril" (the drill project) was aired on the television station TVGE to raise awareness for the the endangered species of Bioko island and the illegal bush meat trade that threatens them.
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Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've updated our website or "online pressense".  It's been pretty nice flying under...
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The Lowcountry has some really amazing waterways and healthy ecosystems. Are we doing everything we can to keep them healthy?...
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In October of last year, I met conservationist, Ian Redmond at the Great Apes Summit in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Since then, Ian has been...
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A few weeks ago I helped the very talented artist Kristy Bishop get the word out about her art by...
Our Water
Living Lowcountry
The Lowcountry has some really amazing waterways and healthy ecosystems. Are we doing everything we can to keep them healthy? Justin Jay and Cyrus Buffum of the Charleston Waterkeeper discuss the quality of our water and what we can do to help protect our right to clean water.
The Beautiful Lowcountry
Living Lowcountry
The lowcountry of South Carolina is a beautiful place to live. Full of incredible wildlife this video takes a closer look at our impact on these amazing animals and asks that we all take the time to explore our living places.
JJ and the Preuss’s
Behind the lens
Capturing images of rare primates is both exciting and frustrating. The endangered Bioko Preuss's monkey (Cercopithecus preussi insularis) has eluded conservationist Justin Jay within the jungles of an extinct volcano crater as he tries to photograph it in the wild.